The inception of the self expression clothing line, "TRUTH Outfitters" was gradual, but happened somewhere around the end of 2004. At the time Bank$, the designer, was just a Junior in High school striving to "fit in while standing out" in a school where your appearance and sense of fashion had a direct correlation with your social standing. TRUTH and TRUTH HuRts are made exclusively for people who strive in their endeavors to be true to themselves and others. Our customers have an appreciation for honesty, art, unity, the struggle and the idea that with HaRd work all goals are attainable. Through the growth of this bRand we are pRoving that idea TRUe. Teens, (or any residents for that matter) experience a lot in Urban environments such as Baltimore. All the things experienced by the cReator, weather delightful or ugly, are expressed artfully on the apparelFor every piece sold we give $1 to local organizations in Baltimore that help people living in poverty. Nearly all of our designs are hand drawn to keep the feel that the clothing is being deigned by a fashion conscious, money hungry 16 year old bored in his math class who is tired of looking like everyone else. In a nutshell, TRUTH is a doap clothing line featuring Urban Abstract designs and honest/motivating sayings. Its ran by a group of people focused on providing a unadulterated product for the masses and sharing the wealth with their community. TRUTH is always written in all caps because its just that epic. The "R" of TRUTH is always different from the rest of the letters because we're openly imperfect. we go out of our way to go against the grain while producing this doapness for you all so get with us TODAY.